Wealth Consolidation

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After you’ve become proactive in managing your finances, the next step is to make sure that your wealth is positioned for growth.

Our team of committed financial professionals provide you with a range of wealth consolidation strategies that ensure your investment strategy is in line with your personal and career goals.

If you have accumulated some wealth, and you need a professional to help you consolidate your assets, Journey Wealth can help.

What you will learn on this web class

Debt Reduction

Financial Freedom often starts with paying off debts and not owing anyone anything. We can start by implementing a strategy to reduce debt, and eventually tax effectively.

Employee Share Scheme

You’ve probably heard of Vesting,
Deferred Taxation, and Rights but do
you know if you’re eligible for any of
them? It is important to know how it
will fit into your long term wealth
building and which option is the best
for you.


If you consider opening up a business or
buying an established business, you’ll
probably spend most of your waking
hours working in or on your business.
Being a business owner opens up a
number of other options to you that
aren’t available to others. As business
owners ourselves, we can help you
ensure that you are doing everything
right to get ahead.

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